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Referral System

You can ask your friends to register in Suigle by referral address, in order to have them in the list of your affiliates.

Referral System

Referral system encourages existing members to recommend Suigle to their friends, family and colleagues. It seeks to give referral rewards in two levels. By any income of first level affiliates, the referral will be awarded by 10% of the whole earning while for second level affiliates the rate changes to 5% of whole earning. The referral rewards are paid by SUIE.

Furthermore, by registering any affiliate, the referral gets rewarded by SUIE token.


* You will be rewarded 10,000 SUIE by any one affiliate registering.


** You will be rewarded 10% of SUIE earned by your first level of affiliates.


*** You will be also rewarded 5% of SUIE earned by your second level of affiliates.

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