Crypto Language School

Learn Language, Earn Money!



More than referral rewards, language learners will receive rewards for any phrase they learn. The student rewards are calculated dynamicly based on the SUIE crypto-token stored in Suigle wallet or Metamask wallet.


For financial affairs, there are two wallets in Suigle: The first is the Suigle wallet, which is directly connected to your Metamask wallet, and you can transfer SUIE crypto-token from the Metamask to your Suigle wallet or vice versa.

The second is the internal wallet, which includes your income from language learning activities and the introduction of new users.

By learning each new phrase in the self learning panel section, you will receive 0.001 of the amount of money you have in your Suigle wallet or Metamask wallet as a reward in your internal wallet. By saving more money in your wallet, you will earn more money for learning phrases of a new language.


Language learning income is ultimately assessed by a test. Depending on your score on the test, the income from learning a language will be transferred to your Suigle wallet and as a result you can withdraw it.

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